habitat – II



These are four images of my city. I am walking a lot.

Many steps lead to an image. One has to choose a camera, a lens, a film, a setting. Then the human and the chosen equipment work together with objects, an environment – more or less of their choice. We take endless decisions on the way, or they are being decided for us: light, color, distance, proportion, frame, movement, x. Then there is a moment when we say: “Yes, that’s it!”; or “Fuck it, now or never!” In any case, we show the camera the finger. Klick.

Material has to be developed, dried, scanned, freed from dust and noise. Each of which demands new decisions to be taken. The digital image on the screen needs to be optimized for an online presentation – like this one. Endless forms are possible. I any case, you are looking at an image, one of many versions in the row or processing. You may also cut it to make it fit your facebook.

Another image gets a color profile and is being printed on paper, metal, glass, , …, something you can touch but you shouldn’t because you will leave marks on it, or you should because you write and send a postcard.

I can return to many many of the steps in the process and take new decisions, informed by another me and you that has changed in time. My images are being framed, contextualized, shown with other images. A text will elaborate or obscure a meaning.

Only the kind of professional who outsources most decisions to market-rules and institutions is safe from this dangerously intimate relationship to the image. In some sense, he never looks at it again.

These are four images of my city. I am walking a lot. My memory is currently in decent control of how and when I took and processed them. I decided that they belong together. The prints are already hanging on a line on the wall of my studio. I am containing them further – their power over me – by pushing ‘publish’ on the upper right of this post, right now.


2 thoughts on “habitat – II

  1. Ich kann zu vielen, vielen Schritten des Prozesses zurückkehren und neue Entscheidungen treffen, die von einem anderen Ich und Ihnen, die sich im Laufe der Zeit geändert haben, informiert werden.


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